The False Choice Between Civil-Liberty & Economic Freedom

Statist ideologues world-wide use the irrational paradigm of Right versus Left. This amounts to little more than a global con game designed to force us to make an unnecessary and false choice between civil liberty and economic freedom. So-called "liberals" pretend to support individual rights and freedom of expression. "Conservatives" pretend to oppose the State's interference in the economy, yet gladly do so when it serves their narrow political interests.

Libertarianism rejects the bogus dichotomy of right and left which the two superficially warring factions of the Ruling Class use to paralyze us with their mindless propaganda. The Libertarian Party rejects the need for victimless crime laws such as those against drugs, prostitution, and gambling. Libertarians also reject the right of any group or person, including governments, to confiscate the product of our intellect and/or labor or to control how it is accomplished except to ban the initiation of force and fraud.

By rejecting the Right-Left Con Game Libertarians undercut the fundamental strategy for obfuscation used by statists all over the world. Take the the Advocates for Self-Government Quiz to see where you now stand with regard to accepting or rejecting the Right-Left Con Game. In any case it will provide food for thought that will in most cases liberate you from the worst excesses of statist propaganda.

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