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The radical libertarian international is a globally oriented anti-statist organization. We are a loosely coordinated set of libertarian affinity groups dedicated to repudiating and delegitimizing the State by exposing its intrinsic terrorism and malevolence. We will be working through libertarian parties and other anti-statist organizations to expose the Truth about all governments. Please join us at the rli Forum up at Delphi which is linked to on this page. Links on this page are generally libertarian or anarchist or both. But they do not necessarily support rli. Read them in the spirit of open-mindedness and Truth-seeking. The ultimate road to freedom is intellectual honesty. That is one weapon unavailable to statists. In Europe & Asia please contact: pregentil@aol.com

Howard Olson


radical libertarian international modus operandi

Archaeology confirms that the institution of the State was created through violence and terrorism (Carneiro,1970). The existing governments have been derived from those created in the manner cited. The existence of all governments is therefore based on coercion. Anthropologists concur that the State is a monopoly of force over a geographic area (Embers & Embers, 1985). Finally, anthropologists have recognized that stateless societies existed widely throughout the world in the ethnographic present (Barclay, 1990).

The radical libertarian international (rli) will reject statism's terrorist methods since they would only re-create the State. We will simply use the Truth to expose statist lies and depredation wherever they occur. In this way humanity will survive despite the mindless powerlust of rulers.

Carneiro RL (1970) SCIENCE 169: 733-738

Embers CR and Embers M (1985) CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY , Prentice-Hall

Barclay , H (1990) PEOPLE WITHOUT GOVERNMENT: An Anthropology of Anarchy (Left Bank)

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