The Libertarian UFO Network (LUFON) [branch of Institute for Exobiology] is a broad based organization for anti-authoritarian ufology. With an international base we plan to organize ufologists against statist cold war hysteria that has led to the UFO coverup. We intend to work closely with the non-partisan groups such as Operation Right to Know (ORTK) whose link you will find at the Institute for Exobiology website which is linked here. Please contact at the address below for more information.

H R Olson, MA

The Goal of LUFON

The goal of the Libertarian UFO Network is to end the UFO Coverup within the framework of the Libertarian Party principles. In cooperation with non-partisan groups like ORTK, we hope to organize an international network of ufologists and libertarians to focus on a rigorously scientific and principled anti-statist approach to the problem. Check out our links and see if you can come up with any perspectives that might help us in our struggle against mindless unprincipled and obsolete cold war dogma that maintains the UFO Coverup. Check out the link to the LUFON List at or near the bottom of the links on this page. Also check out my EXOBIOLOGY AND UFOLOGY site at Delphi from the link below. You will need to fillout the simple and free registration.

Howard Olson


Institute for Exobiology
This is our other site which relates exobiological issues to ufology.
Science, Logic and the UFO Debate
This is a rationalist-oriented ufology website.
Young Libertarian Pages
Promising site with great links !
The Libertarian Party (LP)
The LP's rationality and honesty virtually guarantee an end to the Cold War hysteria of the UFO Cover-Up.
A Radical Libertarian site
Anti-authoritarian critique of statist propaganda
Operation Right to Know (ORTK) in Britain , 1998 update
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
EFF will be a key to maintaining internet freedom to expose the UFO Coverup.
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS)
CAUS is a highly professional lobbying group against the UFO Coverup.
The Libertarian Millenium
Save the Planet! Smash the State! Harry Browne 2000 site and the radical libertarian international !
LUFON Discussion list
Subscribe to Discussion of Libertarian approach to UFO Coverup
Exobiology and Ufology
Integration of exobiological theory with ufology.
Evolutionary Cosmochemistry Research Page
Molecular evolutionary processes in space.
Libertarian Ufology Page
Connections to several libertarian sites including the LUFON list.
Art Bell Website
Nationally syndicated ufology radio announcer an avowed Libertarian!

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