Institute for Exobiology

The Institute for Exobiology [base for Libertarian UFO Network] is dedicated to scientific research and dissemination of information about extraterrestrial life. Our purpose is to allay the confusion and disinformation surrounding exobiology and ufology.

H R Olson, MA

Relevant Links

Meta Research (Washington, DC)
Dr. Tom Van Flandern's excellent website. He has a PhD in Astronomy from Yale and is a former Chief of celestial mechanics of the US Naval Observatory.
Federation of American Scientists
Excellent online discussions about Mars and Space Policy open to all
The McDaniel Report
Prof. Stanley McDaniel's excellent website about the Cydonia region of Mars
Operation Right to Know (ORTK)
ORTK has a no nonsense approach to the end of UFO secrecy
The RNA World
An interesting summary and critique of the molecular evolution of RNA.
International Association of Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Scientific Society I belong to which supports terrestrial & extraterrestrial study of planetary chemistry.
Libertarian UFO Network
Political (or Anti-Political?) Branch of this Site
ExoScience site
Rational approach to Space Sciences

Exobiology & Ufology

The Institute for Exobiology is involved in fundamental research in molecular exobiology. It is also involved with activism to help undo the cold-war mentality surrounding the subject of UFOs. It will be our goal to cooperate with groups like Operation Right to Know to inform the public about the relationship between exobiology and ufology. The Institute will also be involved in development of a dialog among ufologists in the Libertarian Party for a radical libertarian perspective on the ending of the UFO Cover-up. Please e-mail me with any questions vis a vis the Institute and its research or activist goals.

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